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55+ Years = Start Your Own Business!
"Invest in Yourself"
Your security is our business. Many people over age 55 are getting a second wind and starting their own business — often for the excitement or to make ends meet.
Join ANDERSON'S OFFICE SERVICES along with the nation’s fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, those 55 and above.
Janice Anderson, CEO
Who is Ray Kroc?
Many of the businesses founded by 55+ Years are "solo entrepreneurs", guided as much by the desire to give something back to the community as well as creating wealth. But starting late Ray Kroc was 52 and suffering from diabetes when he opened a hamburger outlet in San Bernadino, California. It's better known today as McDonald's.
To offer support, empowerment, and resources as your business building
guide to greater profits through on-line and off-line marketing strategies with incredible outcomes.
“There is a need to emphasize community based organizations, to support MICRO-BUSINESSES, which will help to develop local communities, reduce social cost of poverty, increase productivity, and improve social conditions for all. This in turn will make our communities more self-supporting and independent, thus fleeing the rolls of welfare.”
Anderson's Office Services - Giving back to the community by joining the Crusade to help Save Lives.
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                                                                     Citizens Against Distracted Driving
Anderson's Office Services has officially formed a partnership with Financial Destination, Inc (FDI) crusade to help Save Lives - FDIVoice Introduces Voice Activated Telecom Service, enabling hands-free Dialing, Email, and Text Messaging all with the power of your voice while keeping your hands on the wheel and focus on the road while driving.
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What would you like to do?
CADD, pledges to take the battle to the street where distracted driving is claiming lives and destroying families. “With focus on education, prevention, victim advocacy, and most of all SOLUTIONS to this growing epidemic, we aim to stem the tide of destruction…”
"Friends Don't let Friends Text and Drive"
Cell Phone Use May Cause Cancer.
Don't let this be your
last text
while driving.
The solution is not to prohibit communication, but to change the way we communicate.
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FDI Voice takes telecommunications to the next level with VOICE operated technology that works on ANY phone, ANY time, ANY where!!! FDI Voic...
Your NEW Voice-Activated Virtual Assistant includes:
UNLIMITED Calling to USA and  Canada!
REPLACE your home or office phone service & ELIMINATE your phone bill
ONE NUMBER for your home, office & mobile!
Dial, Email & Text HANDS-FREE!
For more information call 443.426.4311
This call could save you or someone in your family.
Other Personal Concierge Services:
Plan Business Meetings
Meet and Greet Clients
Coordinate Event Details
Arrange Business Travel
Virtual Secretary Service
Coordinate Business Getaway Retreats
Limousine Services
Arrange Reservations for Dinners
Special Day Reminders for all Occasions
Email Management
Janice Anderson, CEO
United States Small Business Administration Award (SBA)
Small Business Owner of the Year, Welfare to Work
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